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Our Crash Course in E-commerce
Everyone talks about it - but how does an e-commerce site work? We have set up a "demo" here on our web site to show you what's involved, and how your company can sell its products and services on the internet.

We'll show you what the Shopper will see on your pages, and we'll give you a tour "behind the scenes" for a glimpse at the power of a database site, and the simplicity of operation using your own custom-designed Backdoor Control Panel.

1. The Products
It all starts with your inventory ... and to us, it really doesn't matter if you have a single product or a million - the inner workings of an e-commerce web site are the same. Let's assume you sell pet products ... neat stuff for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles and their people. Here's one of the products from such a web site which we designed and programmed:

Large Picture
Our hands-free backpack-style dog carrier is perfect for activities such as hiking, biking or walking. Be sure to see how we use it as a car seat (see our Safety Category for dogs). This design weighs only 1.5 pounds and the adjustable pouch has a unique restraint system which will hold a dog of 20 pounds or less.
Enter Quantity


Put on your Vendor hat for a moment ... iNet has developed a Backdoor Control Panel for our clients which gives you the ability to make instant changes on your site - as we say, "Only Secretarial Skills Required". Since your site is driven by the information in the database ... change the database and you change the site!

Type a new price in the text box below, and click on the "Change Price" button; your new price will be stored in the database, and recalled when this page reloads.


Our Backdoor Control Panel makes it that simple for our clients to make changes in their own database: change the price of a product, change the description, add colors, add photographs, just about anything you want to change ... and the very next visitor to your site will see the new information!

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